The Cygnus Wall in Closeup – Dual Narrowband

The Wall Region of the North America Nebula in Cygnus – Dual Narrowband

In Wednesday night’s unexpected bout of clarity, I made use of the moonless sky to grab the Oiii I needed to complete my Cygnus Wall image from my previous post in dual-narrowband.  I captured the Ha for this a couple of weeks ago or so, so have had to wait for the convenient combo of a clear night with no moon spoiling the fun.  

Previous wider-field image…

This is a closer view of this feature than I’ve captured before, using the higher magnification of the Altair Starwave 102ED, rather then the Ikharos ED70 I used last time.  I’ve included the previous image taken through the 70mm f/6 scope on the left, to give an idea of the difference in field of view.   The wall is the feature with the highest rate of star formation in the area, and has some amazing texture.  I always think that it looks like an impressionist painting or something.

This image itself uses Ha as the red channel, and 40% of the Green, and then Oiii is the Blue and 60% of the green.  This bit was done in MaximDL. The resulting colour image is then combined back with the Hydrogen Alpha, using that as a luminance layer to bring out all that lovely detail.  The luminance combination is done in Photoshop CC 2019.   

Details…? You got ‘em!

Capture and Processing Information

  • Object  – The North America Nebula (NGC 7000) Wall Region
  • Constellation – Cygnus
  • Camera – Atik 314L Mono
  • Exposure Ha – 5 Hours 10 min of 5 min subs
  • Exposure Oiii – 4hrs 25min of 5 min subs
  • Filters – Astronomik 12nm Ha, Baader 7nm Oiii
  • Telescope – Altair 102ED f/7 Refractor
  • Mount  – Skywatcher HEQ5 with Rowan Belt Mod
  • Guidescope – Off-axis
  • Guidecam – SX Lodestar
  • Guide Software – PHD2
  • Auto-Focuser – Home-Made MyFocuserPro2 Autofocuser
  • Capture Software  – Sequence Generator Pro
  • Stacking, Colour Combination, and Initial Processing – MaximDL
  • Mosaic Combination and Post-Processing – Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC.

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