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Finally, Things have Fallen Into Place…

Well… it’s taken it’s sweet time, but I think I’m finally there. Where, I hear you ask?  Where is there?  There, just so happens to be a point at which my imaging has finally...


Planning an Imaging session with SkySafari

During last night’s imaging session, I got to try out a feature that I’ve wondered about since I started using SkySafari. One thing i always had trouble with previously was visualising exactly what I...


SkySafari Mount Control on a Budget

ASCOM and EQMOD are wonderful things. That so many people and companies are willing to work on a standard like this and make it available for free, and then to produce software of the quality that we see in Astro circles never ceases to amaze me. Making this sort of thing available for no cost has opened up the world of computerised mount control to many, including me.