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The Leo Trio – 20/04/2018

This is a mono capture the Leo Trio of galaxies. People refer to it as the Leo Triplet, but I prefer the way Leo Trio rolls off the tongue…!


Lunar Capture Shenanigans – 23/02/2018

A reasonably clear night (with some intermittent cloud, but nicely transparent in between), prompted me to get the 8″ LX90ACF out, and slap the ZWO ASI120MC in the back and capture some photons reflected...


Jupiter – Captured 21st-24th May 2017

This is a set of three shots of Jupiter captured in May 2017.  All consist of the best 4000 of 8000 frames captured in Firecapture with my ASI120MC planetary camera through the 8″ LX90ACF...


M101 – The Pinwheel Reprocessed

This is a reprocess of previous data on M101 taken back in 2014.   It consists of 1hr 35mins of data in 4m exposures at ISO 800 with the modified 1100D and Astronomik CLS...


Western Veil Nebula

This Image of the Western Veil Nebula (NGC 6960) was captured at Kelling Heath in September 2015.  It’s around 2 hours of exposure with my modded Canon 1100D with my Starwave 102ED mounted on...