The Flaming Star and Tadpole Nebulae – 19th December 2023

The Flaming Star (IC405) and Tadpole (IC410) Nebulae

Taking advantage of an incredibly well predicted (but unexpected) bout of clear skies (thanks for the heads-up Met Office cloud cover map), I managed to grab 4 hours on this pair of beauties.

This is IC405, the Flaming Star Nebula (bottom left) and the IC410, the Tadpole Nebula (top right), in the constellation of Auriga. Although they look like they’re closely linked, actually the Flaming Star Nebula is a mixed emission/reflection nebula, approximately 1500 light years distant, with the Tadpole Nebula being an emission nebula that’s actually around 12000 light years distant (and actually larger in real-terms size).


Yet again, when coupled with my Player One Ares-C Pro and its IMX533 square sensor, this has proven to be another field of view that suits the Askar 230 f4.5 triplet really well. I’m really getting to like this little scope! Again I’ve included both the final version, and the interim starless version, as the latter allows a full appreciation of the detail in the nebulae.

The details:-

This is 4 hours exactly of 5-minute subs, with the Player One Ares-C One Shot Colour camera and an Altair Tri-Band filter. Captured via NINA (Night-time Imaging ‘n’ Astronomy)through the Askar FMA230 ED APO triplet telescope/lens. Guided via a lodestar guide cam through a side-by-side Altair 8×60 Finder Guider. All mounted on a Skywatcher HEQ5 mount.

Initial stacking and stretching/processing done in MaximDL, Stars removed with Starnet++, then moved over to Photoshop CC 2024 and Lightroom Classic 2024 for the remainder of the fun and games, finally recombining with the stars once the processing of the nebulae was completed.

Capture and Processing Information - Flaming Star and Tadpole Nebulae

  • Objects – IC405 and IC410
  • Constellation – Auriga
  • Camera – Player One Ares-C Pro One-shot-colour
  • Exposure – 240 minutes of 300-sec subs
  • Scope – Askar 230mm f4.5 Triplet lens
  • Filter – Altair Tri-Band
  • Mount  – Skywatcher HEQ5 with Rowan Belt Mod
  • Guidescope – Altair 60mm Finder-guider
  • Guidecam – SX Lodestar
  • Guide Software – PHD2
  • Capture Software  – NINA
  • Stacking, Colour Combination, and Initial Processing – MaximDL
  • Post-Processing – MaximDL, StarNet++, Photoshop 2024 and Lightroom Classic 2024.

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