Category: Solar System


Jupiter – Captured 21st-24th May 2017

This is a set of three shots of Jupiter captured in May 2017.  All consist of the best 4000 of 8000 frames captured in Firecapture with my ASI120MC planetary camera through the 8″ LX90ACF...


Saturn and Mars – 14/05/2014

Had a pretty good planetary imaging session last night.  I managed to grab my first Saturn of the year.  Despite still being fairly low down in the sky at the time it was visible to...


Mars – It’s Tiny!

Just a quick post to show my first ever shot of Mars.  At the moment, it’s only 11 arc seconds in diameter (Jupiter is currently over 45).  Take into account the bad seeing and...


Zipping through Saturn’s Ring Plane

One thing I’ve always found fascinating about astronomy is the fact you’re looking at the universe as it is (or as it was when the light left whatever you’re currently looking at anyway!).  The...


Jupiter imaging progress

A post showing my progress on imaging Jupiter over the course of a few months at the end of 2012 / beginning of 2013.