Info Pages

The various pages under the ‘Info Pages’ menu cover all sorts of things that I want to keep a record of, partly for my own reference, and partly as a resource for others.  I often find that initially, when I work out how to do something, it involves a lot of trial and error, and reading around the subject.  Finding good reference material in amongst the ‘noise’ of astronomy forums etc, is not always easy – everyone has a different opinion!  I tell myself every time that I will remember it this time, once I’ve managed to sort something out.  I then go away for a few weeks, come back and the info has basically removed itself from my brain and is again nowhere to be found without trawling through the same old stuff again.

So…!  These are pages that will hopefully serve this purpose, and act as a repository for this ‘stuff’.  Please feel free to add to the content / correct things via the comments on each page.  Anything that is useful will be added to the article.

Hover over the menu above for a lit of the pages.  It’ll grow gradually as I add more articles.