M45 – The Pleiades in Taurus – 11/01/2013


M45 – The Pleiades. Click to Enlarge.

M45 - Plate Solved

M45 – Plate Solved

The Pleiades (also known as the Seven Sisters) is an open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus, the bull.  It’s the closest star cluster to earth.  This is a single exposure, taken at the end of a night.  It’s a 30s exposure at ISO 800, taken with the SkyWatcher 200P f6 Newtonian, on the HEQ5.  Taken with the Canon 5D.  This region is totally enveloped in faint nebulosity, which hash;t been captured in this shot, as you need a lot more data to bring it out.  However, I’ll be going for this target again soon, as it’s a real winter favourite.  I love this shot anyway, so I thought I’d post it as a starting point.

I’ve wanted to capture the nebulosity on this object ever since I first saw it, but for some resin have never managed to be around at the right time!

For reference, the top right image is the plate-solved version …

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