NGC281, The Pacman Nebula – Isle of Wight – 29/09/2014

NGC281 - The Pacman Nebula - 30/09/2014

NGC281 – The Pacman Nebula – 30/09/2014

A new nebula to add to my collection!  Unfortunately not as much data on this one as Id have liked.  This is only about 35 minutes of 4-minute subs with darks, flats and bias frames.  The night was very hazy, and although I did more, some had to be discarded.  This was stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, and finished off in Photoshop CC 2014 and Lightroom.  It was taken with the Starwave 102ED refractor, with the astro-modified Canon EOS 1100D, guided by a finder guider using PHD guiding, on my HEQ5 pro mount.  An astronomic CLS clip filter was used to cut out what small amount of light pollution there was on the IOW.

This is an interesting object, known officially as NGC281.  It’s in Cassiopeia, and is an H II region (meaning it gives out a lot in the red end of the spectrum, so is best picked up with a modified DSLR or a CCD chip).  It’s quite difficult to see visually, and I never have.

More data on this object would help, but the nights haven’t been cooperative recently.  We’ll see in the future!

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    awesome images adam.

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