Cygnus Widefield – The Riches of the Milky Way – 22/07/2014

Cygnus Widefield

Cygnus Widefield – Click to Enlarge

My first proper attempt at a widefield shot – Cygnus, the swan.  This was taken with my modified 1100D mounted (and unguided) on the HEQ5.  It’s a total of 8x 3minute exposures with a 50mm lens at f4.  I took a lot more exposures than this, but unfortunately, a bad case of focus creep throughout the night meant that only 8 shots were sufficiently in focus to use.  Still, I’m pleased with the result, and I think that the focus creep (where the lens gradually goes out of focus as time goes on) is probably due to the mechanism being a bit loose, and will likely be solved by the strategic addition of some blu tack once in focus…

I took Bias, Dark and Flat frames too, and stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, then post-processed in Photoshop CC2014 and Lightroom.

She’s a rich old bird is Cygnus…  There are a multitude of objects to be seen, not least the North America Nebula, the Veil Nebula, the Pelican Nebula and various others, such as star clusters.  It’s an amazing view that shows the sheer volume of stars in that section of the Milky Way (approximately 25° width in the sky).

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