M37 – Open Cluster in Auriga – 11/01/2013

M37 - Click to Enlarge

M37 – Click to Enlarge

M37 Plate Solved - Busy!

M37 Plate Solved – Busy!

A quick single 60s exposure at ISO 1600, of M37, the brightest open cluster in the constellation of Auriga.  M36 and M38 are close by, but not quite as spectacular as this beauty.  This shot is with the 200P f6 Newtonian, on the HEQ5 mount.  It’s unguided.  This is a wonderful visual object.  A fellow SEKAS member re-introduced me to M37 after not having seen it for a very long time, and it was a real ‘wow’ moment all over again.  It contains approximately 150 stars.  This is added to the list of objects I want to re-image properly at some point.  In the mean time, this will do as a start.

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