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Saturn with ASI120MC Camera

Saturn and the Curse of (Astronomical) Seeing

Last night, a clear night got me out into the garden to attempt a proper imaging run on Saturn.   Unfortunately, the ringed wonder isn’t best placed at the moment for imaging from my garden, as my clear sky is very limited due to various obstructions.  Being low down means that the time I get […]


My First Solar Images, and How I Got Them…

Today, I had an opportunity to go out and attempt my first solar imaging session.  A couple of months ago I constructed a Baader Solar film filter for the objective end of my Starwave 102ED refractor.  I’ve had a few good solar observing sessions with it, and so decided to have a go at imaging. […]


A Triplet of Worlds – Jupiter, Saturn and Mars on Show – 17/05/2014

On 17th May 2014, SEKAS (South East Kent Astronomical Society –, the astro society of which I am a member, held a public observing session at Western Heights in Dover.  It was an opportunity for the public to come along and see some fantastic astronomical sights, from solar observing during the day to some […]


Saturn and Mars – 14/05/2014

Had a pretty good planetary imaging session last night.  I managed to grab my first Saturn of the year.  Despite still being fairly low down in the sky at the time it was visible to me (i.e. not behind trees etc), I am still quite pleased with the image I managed to get.  When planets are […]

Jupiter and Io - 15/04/2014

Jupiter and Io – 15/04/2014: The King of the Solar System

On 15th April, I grabbed a new shot of Jupiter with the ASI120MC, which as surpassed everything I’ve ever done on this amazing planet up until now.  This really shows the difference that better seeing makes.  This image was taken as the best 4000 of 8000 frames taken with the ASI120MC at around 75fps (using […]

Mars - 13/04/2014

First Light With a New Planetary Camera: The ZWO ASI120MC on Mars and Jupiter – 13/04/2014

I’ve just become the owner of a new planetary camera – a ZW Optics ASI120MC. This post is the fruits of my first efforts with it.  Unfotunately, on a night of terrible seeing (the term astronomers use for he stability of the air), the results weren’t the best, but despite that, they still managed to […]


Mars – It’s Tiny!

Just a quick post to show my first ever shot of Mars.  At the moment, it’s only 11 arc seconds in diameter (Jupiter is currently over 45).  Take into account the bad seeing and the fact that it was right down near the horizon, and I think we can see why it’s not very clear! […]


Jupiter – Colour and Mono comparison

A quick post to illustrate the differences between processing data from the same night from a Toucam Pro and a QHY5v Mono taken through my f/6 Newtonian with a 2x Barlow.  The left pic is the Colour Toucam shot – approximately 1500 of 2000 frames.  The right hand shot is taken with the QHY5v Mono […]


Jupiter in Glorious Mono with the QHY5v – 13/02/2014

As well as the moon, I targeted Jupiter last night.  Jupiter is currently in a very favourable position – nice and high in the sky, and closer to Earth than its been for a long while.  This makes it ripe for imaging. As I wanted to test out my QHY5v as an imaging (rather than […]

Jupiter Processing

Jupiter – 09/01/2014 – From Murky Capture to Reasonable Result

This is just a little experiment to see what I could get out of an extremely jumpy bit of footage I took through my 200p Newtonian with a 2x Barlow lens when up at the Paddock a few nights ago. It was captured with my Toucam Pro webcam with 1.25″ nosepiece, and the capture program […]

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