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Red Moon - 17/05/2014

Red Moon Rising – 17/05/2014

The other night, I was privileged to see one of the most incredible moon rises I’ve ever cast eyes upon. A few astronomer friends and I were at Western Heights in Dover at the tail end of a really good public observing evening arranged by the society. We had a clear view over the English […]

The Moon - 6/05/2014

The Lunar X and V – 06/05/2014

Here is a lunar image I captured using my Starwave 102ED, and the Canon 1100D on 6th May.  This shot is unusual in that it shows two optical illusions that only appear for a few hours each month.  The Werner (or Lunar) X, and the Lunar V, are patterns that appear when the raking sunlight […]

The Moon's Limb

Imaging the Limb of an Almost-Full Moon – 13/02/2014

Last night was one of those nights where I would have loved to have been imaging another deep sky target, but was prevented from doing so by the massive glare of the 98% full moon.  When the moon is in the sky, it makes a massive difference to what you are able to capture, as […]


The Moon and a Night at the Paddock – 09/01/2014

Our closest neighbour in space, imaged from the Paddock observing site, 9th January 2014.

Mare Crisium - Click to Enlarge

Mare Crisium 26/05/2013

This is an image of Mare Crisium (Sea of Crises) on the moon’s terminator on 26th May 2013.  It was taken using the Toucam 740k through the Skywatcher 200P f6, and then stacked in Registax.  You can see the tips of the mountains around the western edge of the Mare just coming into the sun, […]

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