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The Isle of Wight – A Few Images From the DDA Star Party 2014

Here are a few more images I took during the Disciples of the Dark Arts Isle of Wight star party 2014.  Unfortunately, despite the darkest skies I’ve ever imaged under in the UK, the conditions weren’t exactly ideal for deep sky imaging.  Even so, speaking time under the stars with like-minded (and good) company, is […]

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My First Supernova!

The first is always the best! on 23rd January 2014, I captured an image of Supernova J2014 in M82 (the Cigar Galaxy) in Ursa Major.  It appeared a few days before, and shows up in the galaxy as a bright dot.  It’s a Type 1a supernova. When a supernova happens, the star exploding for a […]

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