Firecapture – An Introduction

I’ve been asked recently to help a few people who are new to imaging get their heads around planetary capture.  As a result, I’ve decided to produce my first screencast – an introduction and discussion of the main features of the planetary capture program ‘FireCapture’.  This little program is compatible with many of the planetary […]

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Jupiter – 09/01/2014 – From Murky Capture to Reasonable Result

This is just a little experiment to see what I could get out of an extremely jumpy bit of footage I took through my 200p Newtonian with a 2x Barlow lens when up at the Paddock a few nights ago. It was captured with my Toucam Pro webcam with 1.25″ nosepiece, and the capture program […]

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Planning an Imaging session with SkySafari

During last night’s imaging session, I got to try out a feature that I’ve wondered about since I started using SkySafari. One thing i always had trouble with previously was visualising exactly what I would be able to fit into the field of view of the DSLR sensor on the 1100D.  Very often, targets were […]

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SkySafari Control Without a Router – Setting up an Ad-Hoc wireless network in Windows 7

An article to help with something a few people have asked me to clarify – setting up a network between a tablet/smartphone and a PC without the use of a router.

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SkySafari Mount Control on a Budget

ASCOM and EQMOD are wonderful things. That so many people and companies are willing to work on a standard like this and make it available for free, and then to produce software of the quality that we see in Astro circles never ceases to amaze me. Making this sort of thing available for no cost […]

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