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The Isle of Wight – A Few Images From the DDA Star Party 2014

Here are a few more images I took during the Disciples of the Dark Arts Isle of Wight star party 2014.  Unfortunately, despite the darkest skies I’ve ever imaged under in the UK, the conditions weren’t exactly ideal for deep sky imaging.  Even so, speaking time under the stars with like-minded (and good) company, is […]


Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Pro – Guiding issues, servicing, and the Rowan Astronomy Belt Modification

Ah!  The good old HEQ5 Pro!  A great mount at a very pocket-friendly (well, relatively) price.  I’ve had mine for a few years now.  It’s a very solid mount, with a lot of features, and a pretty decent weight limit.  It can carry up to about 11Kg for imaging purposes (18Kg for visual).  It’s also […]


Comet C/2014 E2 Jaques, a 20 Minute Movement Time Lapse – 31/08/2014

This is a quick animation of the movement of Comet C/2014 E2 – Jaques over the course of 20 minutes.  It always amazes me how dynamic the solar system is.  The fact you can seem movement in an object in such a short space of time astounds me.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck stacking these […]

M4s - The Pleiades - 30/09/2014

M45 – The Pleiades (or Seven Sisters), Through the Isle of Wight Haze, 30/09/2014

This is only my second attempt at this lovely object – it seems to have passed me by in an imaging sense up until now, and the hazy prevented me from doing too much this time too. This is about 70-80 minutes of 4 minute subs.  I took more, but had to discard a fair […]

M39 - 30/09/2014

M39 – Open Cluster in Cygnus, Isle of Wight, 30/09/2014

Due to the haziness, the IOW star party became a cluster-gathering exercise.  The shorter subs meant that the haze wasn’t so much of a problem, so I decided to capture some objects I’d never even observed before.  This is M39, an open cluster in Cygnus.  It’s about 30 minutes of 2-minute subs, plus darks, flats […]

NGC281 - The Pacman Nebula - 30/09/2014

NGC281, The Pacman Nebula – Isle of Wight – 29/09/2014

A new nebula to add to my collection!  Unfortunately not as much data on this one as Id have liked.  This is only about 35 minutes of 4-minute subs with darks, flats and bias frames.  The night was very hazy, and although I did more, some had to be discarded.  This was stacked in Deep […]

Double Cluster in Perseus - 29/09/2014

The Double Cluster in Perseus – Isle of Wight – 29/09/2014

Next image from the IOW Disciples of the Dark Arts star party 2014.  This is the famous double cluster in Perseus.  It’s the most incredible set of objects (in fact it’s NGC869 and NGC884) in everything from binoculars to a large aperture telescope with a wide field eyepiece.  This was taken as about 30 minutes […]

M13 - 29/09/2013

M13 – Isle of Wight – 29/09/2014

This is the first of my images from the Disciples of the Dark Arts star party in the Isle of Wight at the end of September.  This was my first start party, and although the clear spells were not to last, when they were there, it was incredible! This is M13, the great cluster in […]

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