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Jupiter and Io - 15/04/2014

Jupiter and Io – 15/04/2014: The King of the Solar System

On 15th April, I grabbed a new shot of Jupiter with the ASI120MC, which as surpassed everything I’ve ever done on this amazing planet up until now.  This really shows the difference that better seeing makes.  This image was taken as the best 4000 of 8000 frames taken with the ASI120MC at around 75fps (using […]

Mars - 13/04/2014

First Light With a New Planetary Camera: The ZWO ASI120MC on Mars and Jupiter – 13/04/2014

I’ve just become the owner of a new planetary camera – a ZW Optics ASI120MC. This post is the fruits of my first efforts with it.  Unfotunately, on a night of terrible seeing (the term astronomers use for he stability of the air), the results weren’t the best, but despite that, they still managed to […]

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