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M101 – The Pinwheel Galaxy – 02/03/2014

Last night, I captured M101, the Pinwheel Galaxy.  This image was the first ever capture using my new Refractor, the Starwave 102ED f/7.  It is a very nice piece of kit that will be getting a full writeup very soon. In the meantime, here’s the first fruits of this new scope.  This is M101, the […]


Mars – It’s Tiny!

Just a quick post to show my first ever shot of Mars.  At the moment, it’s only 11 arc seconds in diameter (Jupiter is currently over 45).  Take into account the bad seeing and the fact that it was right down near the horizon, and I think we can see why it’s not very clear! […]


Jupiter – Colour and Mono comparison

A quick post to illustrate the differences between processing data from the same night from a Toucam Pro and a QHY5v Mono taken through my f/6 Newtonian with a 2x Barlow.  The left pic is the Colour Toucam shot – approximately 1500 of 2000 frames.  The right hand shot is taken with the QHY5v Mono […]

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