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Jupiter in Glorious Mono with the QHY5v – 13/02/2014

As well as the moon, I targeted Jupiter last night.  Jupiter is currently in a very favourable position – nice and high in the sky, and closer to Earth than its been for a long while.  This makes it ripe for imaging. As I wanted to test out my QHY5v as an imaging (rather than […]

The Moon's Limb

Imaging the Limb of an Almost-Full Moon – 13/02/2014

Last night was one of those nights where I would have loved to have been imaging another deep sky target, but was prevented from doing so by the massive glare of the 98% full moon.  When the moon is in the sky, it makes a massive difference to what you are able to capture, as […]

Orion Featured Image

The Orion Nebula – 02/02/2014 – Progress!

It’s nice to see measurable and obvious progress on imaging an object for the first time in a year.  This is my latest image of M42, the Great Nebula in Orion (along with some other objects including the famous ‘running Man Nebula’ – NGC 1977 – blueish near the top of the image – see […]

M81 and M82

M81 and M82 – The Ursa Major Duo – 03/02/2014

I’ve finally captured this lovely little duo of galaxies in Ursa Major properly.  M82 (on the left) is the galaxy that currently has a supernova showing to us (the one that happened 12 million years ago, and we’re only now seeing it!).  I took a quick shot of these two the other week to record […]

David Mannion

Lecture by Dr. David Mannion – the Search for Dark Matter and Dark Energy

I was lucky enough to attend a lecture by Dr David Mannion on the search for dark matter and dark energy at Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys in Canterbury.  It was a fascinating, and very accessible talk – Dr Mannion is a very entertaining speaker!  He’s been good enough to put it on YouTube […]

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