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The Heart Nebula – 25/01/2014

This is the Heart Nebula, also known as IC 1805, imaged on the evening of 25th January 2014.  It’s an emission nebula in the constellation of Cassiopeia, which is a counterpart of the nearby ‘soul’ nebula.  This is the most ‘whispy’ and faint nebula I’ve attempted yet, and it’s definitely a bit harder to pull […]


The Rosette Nebula (Caldwell 49) – 23/01/2014

This is my first image of another of the finest objects in the sky.  This is the object known as Caldwell 49, or more descriptively, the Rosette nebula.  It is an emission nebula in the constellation of Monoceros.  The image consists of a total of 30x 4minute exposures at ISO800 on my astro-modified Canon EOS […]

Showing the location of the supernova

My First Supernova!

The first is always the best! on 23rd January 2014, I captured an image of Supernova J2014 in M82 (the Cigar Galaxy) in Ursa Major.  It appeared a few days before, and shows up in the galaxy as a bright dot.  It’s a Type 1a supernova. When a supernova happens, the star exploding for a […]

Jupiter Processing

Jupiter – 09/01/2014 – From Murky Capture to Reasonable Result

This is just a little experiment to see what I could get out of an extremely jumpy bit of footage I took through my 200p Newtonian with a 2x Barlow lens when up at the Paddock a few nights ago. It was captured with my Toucam Pro webcam with 1.25″ nosepiece, and the capture program […]


The Moon and a Night at the Paddock – 09/01/2014

Our closest neighbour in space, imaged from the Paddock observing site, 9th January 2014.

The Horsehead and Flame Nebulae in Orion - Click to Enlarge

Horsehead and Flame Nebulae in Orion – 04/01/2014

I’ve finally got my first image of my favourite set of objects in the entire sky – the Horsehead nebula (IC 434) and Flame Nebula (NGC 2024) complex in Orion.   These objects are part of a large complex of nebulae throughout Orion.  However, as a photographic target, I think this area is one of […]


Planning an Imaging session with SkySafari

During last night’s imaging session, I got to try out a feature that I’ve wondered about since I started using SkySafari. One thing i always had trouble with previously was visualising exactly what I would be able to fit into the field of view of the DSLR sensor on the 1100D.  Very often, targets were […]

Attached to the front of the camera

Astronomik CLS filter – Initial Impressions

Last night was the first time I had a chance to try the Astronomik CLS light pollution filter I recently received. Overall, my first impressions are excellent! I’m absolutely amazed how much of the light pollution the filter removed in the single sub frames. I am in Canterbury, Kent, and although not the worst light […]


What’s a Telrad? – A Short Introduction

A question I’ve been asked quite a few times when at public astro society events concerns the black box that is perennially attached to the side of my 200P Newtonian.  I’ve also been surprised how many people, who seem otherwise fairly adept with astro kit on various astronomy forums and the like, don’t seem to […]

M37 - Click to Enlarge

M37 – Open Cluster in Auriga – 11/01/2013

A quick single 60s exposure at ISO 1600, of M37, the brightest open cluster in the constellation of Auriga.  M36 and M38 are close by, but not quite as spectacular as this beauty.  This shot is with the 200P f6 Newtonian, on the HEQ5 mount.  It’s unguided.  This is a wonderful visual object.  A fellow […]

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